Printing instructions

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On this page you will find some advise on printing the car pages from the ClassicarImages. Not all internet users are so skilled that they can print out "frame pages" without spilling lots of printing paper; here a helping hand. 

Netscape Navigator & Communicator version 4 and up.

  • Mouse-click the text or picture which you want to print once;

  • Click the printer icon on the menu bar. 

MS Internet Explorer version 4 and up.

Do NOT click the printer icon because this may result in unpredictable printing output and paper spill!!

  • Mouse-click the text or photo you want to print once;

  • Select "file" in the left-top of the menu bar (pic. 1);

  • select "print"(pic. 1);
    ( The"printer dialogbox appears - pic. 2)

  • click "selected frame only";

  • Click "OK"; 

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